Food Quality

Because we care at first for the quality and cleanliness of our products, we have provided for such goals the best techniques; paste, water cooling and purifying system, until the phase of cutting, and by separating each phase in an independent unit according to the required rates of heating, and for covering the baking from and dusts. Each quantity of pastes is subject to many experiences that are required to ensure of the final results.

During all the above mentioned phases it is not allowed even for those bakers who responsible for making the products to touch it with their hands, except after full packing thru a mechanical process.



Promises and Fulfilling

Bread of sandwiches (shawarma, Pettyfour .. etc) and the different types of bread, are not enough, because our ideas are always new, so we promise our clients with new products to invade the markets very soon, moreover; we have other promises, that we are planning for the arrival of our products to all regions.