About Us


Since our opening, Emad Bakeries focuses on creating the highest standards in producing breads and pastries and as a result, won the hearts of faithful customers in Jeddah. Emad Bakeries is a leader in the baking industry, known for its leading brand, innovative products, freshness and quality.

Due to the tremendous success in Jeddah, we are planning a vast expansion across the Kingdom.

Emad Bakeries has constructive ideas and ambitious plans.
We are committed to meeting high demand with only the highest quality, and because of our innovative baking methods, now anyone can experience our fresh-baked bread. We offer a variety of selling options for restaurants, bakeries and super markets.


Emad Bakeries took the quality, freshness of ingredients, hygiene, cleanliness & manufacturing technology to a new level in order to reach a leadership position in bakery sector. Within all production phases that start from producing the paste, water cooling and purifying system to having the latest packed product Emad Bakeries ensures on having the highest production quality that meet international standards.

During all the above-mentioned phases touching the product with hands is not allowed even for bakers who is responsible for making the products, except after full packing through an automatic process.

We promise our clients with new products to be introduced to the markets very soon. Moreover, we have other promise; Our products will arrive to all regions.


Due to the increasing reputation bounded together with ideal products, the goal of globalization is the next step for Emad Bakeries. The management is focusing on making their bakeries available to everyone. We are currently planning to expand our operation & be present in every Arab country in the near future.

Operations in Europe, Egypt and Jordan has become very near to realize.


Emad Bakeries’ management was exceptionally keen to be successful in their beginning steps of operations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. As a result, the bakeries succeeded in introducing the first automated line of production in their factory. This was clear evidence that Emad Bakeries implemented a successful strategy for the future of the factory.

By adopting this strategy, the factory drastically increased their productivity, and had great accomplishments that others in the same field could not achieve. Finally, the quality of products, credibility, and tenacity gained the confidence of many agents in the Kingdom and abroad.


Emad Bakeries has been awarded the medal of “Exemplary & Perfect Factory”.

This medal was not only awarded because of Emad Bakeries quality products, but because of the state of the art technology implemented at Emad Bakeries’ factory. Consumers’ health is our top priority & we can proudly declare that Emad Bakeries is an examplary factory, considered by classifiers, within the Kingdom and abroad.